What you need to know

Q: What is the entry fee for the Fair and Livestock show?

A: Entry to the 2020 Otero County Fair is free.

Q: Is outside food and drink allowed?

A: No outside food or drink is allowed.  With many food and beverage vendors onsite, there is sure to be something for everyone!

Q: Do the vendors accept credit/debit?

A: Most vendors will accept multiple payment types, however, having cash on hand for the few that do not accept cards would be advisable.

Q: What about safety and emergency services?

A: The Otero County Fair has a Security and First Aid Station onsite during the Fair.  The Security Office is located under the Main Pavilion and the First Aid Station will be located in the Emergency Services Trailer near the entrance to the Fair.  

Q: Is the public allowed to see the animals?

A: Yes.  From hogs to rabbits, the Otero County Fair has them all.  Please visit the Livestock Barn where the youth of Otero County showcase their yearlong efforts and hard work raising their livestock. 

Q: Can you purchase reserved seating for the Rodeo?

A: Yes.  Friday and Saturday nights Rodeos have Reserve Seating.  The Ranch Rodeo shows are only general seating.  Call the fair office for ticket purchase locations and options.

Q: How much are Rodeo tickets?

A: Reserve Seats are $15.00 

    General Admission seats are $10.00

    Ranch Rodeo tickets are $8.00

    Ages 12 and under are free


Q: What time are exhibit deliveries?

You can drop off your Fine Arts, Photography, and Home Arts on Saturday September 18 from 9am to Noon. Baked Goods and Food Preservation drop off is Tuesday September 21 from 7:30 am to 9:30 am. Drop off at 401 Fairgrounds Rd in the Exhibit Building.

Q: When can I pick up my Home Arts entries?

Pick up for all Home Arts, Fine Arts, Photography etc. is Sunday September 26 from 8 am to 10am.

How Does the Livestock Sale Work?

Q: Where does the Livestock Sale take place?

A: At the showring in the Livestock Barn.

Q: How do I register as a buyer?

A: Registration occurs in the Livestock Barn prior to the Sale.

Q: Are the animals sold by the head?

A: All except for Steers, which are sold by the pound. 

Q: What happens if I bid successfully?

A: You may have the animal processed, sell the animal to the packer, donate the animal to the Booster Pot, or take the animal home.  Details on processing and packer sales will be available at the Sale.