Facility Use & Rates

Facility rental hours are 6:00 AM to midnight

  • Setup and teardown are the responsibility of the renter and are charged at 1/2 the daily rental fee.
  • Banners and signs are not allowed on our gates or fences without prior approval of the Otero County Fair Association manager.
  • Security is required at events with a large public attendance and other events at the management’s discretion.
  • Cleaning of the facility is the responsibility of the lessee. Deposits are refundable only after the fair manager or a fair board member has inspected the facility and given clearance, and all keys, if any, are returned.
  • Requests for special consideration and settlement of any disputes shall be addressed to the fair board.
  • Garbage dumpster is included. Each additional dumpster is $100. A $50 fee per dump will be charged if deemed necessary by the fair manager (refundable if not needed). 

Contact The Fair Office To Secure a Reservation

No less than five days prior to an event: a contract must be signed by the lessee and the fair manager or a member of the fair board, all rental rates and deposits paid, a Commercial General Liability Insurance Certificate of at least $1,000,000 furnished by the lessee, and a food permit issued by the New Mexico Environmental Department furnished by the lessee if applicable.

Public Event Usage Rates

Facility Per Day Rent  Deposit 
Rodeo Area $650 $500 
Rodeo Arena Concession Stand $200 $100 
Rodeo Arena Non-Profit $125 $150  
Kitchen $125 $500, Separate 
Entire Building (includes restrooms) 14,691 sq. feet $650 $500 
Entire Building (includes restrooms) Non-Profit $100 $500 
Wade Exhibit Hall (includes restrooms) 3,000 sq. feet $200 $500 
Wade Exhibit hall (includes restrooms) Non-Profit $100 $500 
New Exhibit Hall (includes restrooms) 4,068 sq. feet $260 $500 
New Exhibit Hall (includes restrooms) Non-Profit $100 $500 
Old Exhibit Hall (includes restrooms) 7,623 sq. feet $350 $500 
Old Exhibit Hall (includes restrooms) Non-Profit $100 $500 
Livestock Barn (includes restrooms, pens, bleachers, announcer stand) $450 $500 
Pavilion (includes restrooms) 24,000 sq. feet under cover $1,300 $500 
Pavilion Non-Profit/Non-Paid Event $900 $500 
Main Parking Lot (West includes main gate restrooms) $800 $500 
Keys N/A $100